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Master Class: Hotspot Coaching

Description: Breakthrough On the Spot Coaching – This masterclass will allow you to get an accelerated 10-minute session on one specific area of your choice in your life. For example, faith, family, health, career, relationship, finance, any area you feel this would benefit you in.


Bouns for attending the Masterclass: You will get a 30-minute Private Exploratory Coaching Session just for attending this masterclass.
Duration on Master Class: 1 hour

Value: $197

MasterClass: Transforming Your Way to Success in Prospecting

Description: This course is designed to give employees a necessary foundation of networking virtually or onsite at an event lead generation, prospecting, and leveraging your existing network to increase your leads.


Duration on Master Class: 45 minutes

Value: $89

Master Class: Amplify Your Voice! Inner Soul of a Writer

Description: Amplify Your Voice: Inner Soul of a Writer helps you become more vulnerable, so you may gain the confidence you need to turn your memories into a memoir and leave a legacy for your loved ones. You will learn how to define YOU rather than have a title determine your worth. You will learn how to go from vulnerability to confidence to creativity.


Duration on Master Class: 2 hours

Value: $179

Total Value: $512

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